Sirens and Beats @ Museumsnacht, Alte Mu // FKK

Freitag 30.08

22:00 - 1:00


Clubkonzert, Konzert

For the 20th Kiel Museum Night FahrradKinoKombinat and Alte Mu Impuls – Werk e.V. present a live electronics and sirens show by plastiq (Hamburg)

plastiq conspires with impulsiveness, for their music is improvised. Tracks evolve from playing with beats on tapes, synthesizers and voices. The room, audience and collaborationists inspire a happening unheard-of. plastiq sounds like Kraut, Sci-Fi, a tribe of sirens. And how could anyone wonder about their lyrics? plastiq is here – in the limelight, behind the scenes, not on just anyone’s lips.

plastiq’s concept for „Plaster“ was to record live improvisations, and then edit the material in a manner of collage into a full-length LP. The recordings took place at Roter Raum, Hamburg. The tracks then were released out of the material by the band, mixed by Carl at niedervolt-houdini Studio, and cast in vinyl by Ameise. The digital version of this album is brought to you by OddWop, New York, hardware is distributed DIY style.

Raphaela Andrade—voice, effects, synthesizer
Lena Geue—voice, effects, synthesizer
Martina Lenzin—beats/Mbira, effects, voice

Doors: 22.00
Show: 23.00

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