Konzert: Steppenkind + DJ Set

Freitag 15.09

20:00 - 23:45



Steppenkind ist eine Dark Wave Band aus Berlin.

Steppenkind is building a bridge between nightclubbing and live concerts. The Berlin trio merges a variety of genres with synthesizers, electronic drums, and distinct spoken word on top, to create what can turn from soft and psychedelic, with warm bass drones, to a full on techno-infused escalation. The lyrics are delivered with an immersive stage presence by Irish native Brendan Cleary. Uncountable sequencers, arpeggiators, beats and cables are handled by the amazing chemistry between Hotte Schulz and Can Winter. In 2022, Steppenkind signed with Maakuda Records in Berlin and released their second studio album „Undefined Lovers“ which showcased all of the songs that have made their live shows unforgettable. Steppenkind have played at underground and overground festivals such as Fusion, Diaghilev Festival, Synästhesie, Solarium, Sublet (Jerusalem) and many more.

Hier seht ihr Steppenkind auf YouTube:



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[Cold Wave/Dark Wave/Minimal Wave/No Wave/New German Wave]

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